Postnatal Problems

Getting ready to leave the house to face the outside world after being stuck at home for weeks and all you want is to look presentable. It is easy to forget the amount of things you are limited to when you have a new born. Like no perfume. And if you’re breastfeeding you need to wear a top that’s easily accessible and that means me scrambling through my wardrobe forming a mound on the floor as as I indecisively go through everything that I own which is unsuitable to wear, then you have to remember breast pads and nipple cream because god damn its been months but you’re still suffering from clothes chafing your bust area. And as for makeup, if you do be sure none you are ever so careful not to get any on the baby’s skin, so no kisses and snuggles just in case. And then god forbid you want to wear lipstick, only to have it smudging across your face and transferring over to your outfit; a scatter brains mourning the sense of feeling ones’ self again.

Mom life is a tough life but of course I don’t regret it as I know it won’t be like this forever and all children are blessings but everyday life has got just that more challenging and fallen in the hands of my kids and out of my control.

Postnatal care means taking one day at a time and pre planning absolutely everything. Keep organised, try and do yoga, meditate and remember daily deep slow breaths, in through the nose, hold for as long as possible and then out. Repeat.

It’s hard to take time out but at this early and vulnerable stage in motherhood it is vital that you do and don’t lose yourself completely!

I have started on an ongoing course of self help supplements, self diagnosed which have helped me mentally and physically immensely, look out for the post will go in to further detail and share my journey.

BTW these two products saved my life: Multi Mam Intensive Nipple Treatment



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