Create your own Cloud Cushion

This craft project is actually easier than it looks and is quite simple to make. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine it can be easily sewn together by hand and doesn’t take too long.

What you will need: Fabric Scissors, Pencil, A3 size Card, Tacking Pins, Needle and Thread and High Grade Hollow Fibre Stuffing.

Cut a cloud pattern using the a3 card, you can draw one on with a pencil to a desired size. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut around it.
Sew the cushion together with a 15mm seam. To maintain a consistent width, you should line the edge of the fabric up with the 15mm mark on the footplate as you sew. Remember to sew the reverse side of the fabric. Leave an open gap for the filling. Start at the left edge of the gap and reinforce both ends of the seam with a few reverse stitches. Trim the seam allowance back to 1cm all round.
Pin the two sides of the opening together. Using small neat slip stitches, hand sew it closed. Mould the finished cushion with your hands to distribute the filling evenly within the cover. Pass a warm iron over the curves to remove any remaining creases.

They make great gifts or as new additions to a children’s bedroom. Or choose a fabric colour and print so you can use it to tie together the decor in a simple room.


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