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Mix It Up

By Herve Tullet


Fun and magical, not a story book but a creative book full of colours imitating real paint. Great to teach primary and secondary equations with out the mess. Also heard lots of good reviews for ‘Press Here’ a similar book by the same author which we intend to purchase next

RRP £ 9.99


Pantone Colours

By Pantone LLC


‘Pantone revolutionised the graphic arts industry with the launch of the Pantone Matching System in 1963’

This book of colours introduces children to ten colours with twenty shades of each and animals to match.  Each shade has its own name along with its corresponding Pantone number and is suitable for younger kids as well as older. A conception of colours referring to light and dark variations.

Price: £6.99

What’s Hidden in the Woods

By Aina Bestard


We first came across this book at the London Illustration Fair and was instantly intrigued and impressed. This award winning book is an absolute treat to flick through and comes with coloured transparent lenses in three different shades that has a handy pocket inside the book for safe keeping. Each page holds a secret and as if by magic things appear from nowhere, look again and you’ll find more secrets and some even coming to life. Give any child the ability to see more of what is going on around them, a great new skill picked up for the senses. Full of absolutely beautiful illustrations by the talent that is Aina Bestard. With many more books in this range, we want them all!

RRP £12.95


All books can be purchased from all good book stores and of course Amazon. Go green and buy one second hand.


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