Craft Books Review


By Jessica Pigza and Johnny Miller


A modern crafters guide to using library resources to jumpstart craft projects. I mainly purchased this because of my obsession for crafts and stationery and the cover looked liked something I would love to have organised in my office. I didn’t care what was inside…..But upon a look though and a flick of the pages I realised its not just your average craft book with everyday projects that you can find online. The book is a visual delight thanks to Johnny Miller and each section is filled with inspiring images. A guide to library collections with in a book, a guide to making the most of a library and finding exactly what you need or didn’t even know your were looking for. The craft projects inside are not too bad either. Pages of visual delight.

RRP £16.99

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing



An older version in the series of sewing books from Liberty, I found this book in the sales. I assumed just another craft book with the only difference being you are using not just any craft materials but of the world famous prints of Liberty London. Some of the projects are a little daunting for beginners but still a great book to return to once you have more experience. A high quality book with a hard wearing cover and with a beautiful layout inside.

RRP £20.00

Vintage Home

By Sarah Moore


I have been watching Sarah Moore on daytime tv. She has been on several design/makeover shows and was first discovered for her creative talents on The Great British Interior Design Challenge and then went on to a show which is all about transforming furniture destined for the dump. I purchased this for its reviews and also its inspirational images and didn’t realise it was Sarah Moore’s work until recently. My favourite project in this book has to be the mobile made out of small hanging plastic animals. It is not your typical hanging mobile but looks chic, creative and super cute. The makeshift doll’s house she has in the book made out of a bookshelf has also inspired me to work on a similar project, we have a few wooden storage boxes my husband has been trying to throw away several years which I have been adamant in keeping to customise and now I can finally put them to good use. One small house has been finished and now I am currently working on the next, a larger house.

RRP £12.99


By Kate Haxell


Lots of patterns reminiscent of Liberty of London. Easy craft projects for crafters on all levels (bar the patchwork quilt, I haven’t attempted this, it looks too hard and time consuming) not all projects are to my liking, but the pillowcases is a great easy project to start on. What I love about this book is all the templates the author has included in the books pages which can be cut and saved in a folder with all your other templates. Some are even actual sizes which always makes life less complicated.

RRP £14.99





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