Keeping them Entertained

It is bad enough when we leave the house with the kids we have to take half the house with us stuffed in the boot of the car, but then on top of that I have to make sure to pack some activities for our toddler to busy herself with whilst we try and eat in a restaurant in peace, which doesn’t involve the iPad running a CBeebies show on loop.

The last time we went out I chucked two jumbo crayons, some stickers and a bit of paper in her handbag which she was more than happy to use when we sat down to order lunch. Did the trick and kept her quiet for a while otherwise I’m sure the contents of the salt and pepper pot would have found its way all over the table and our drinks knocked over dripping down the side of the table. Similarly to when we were in a restaurant in Croatia waiting for food and she decided to rip open a black pepper sachet whilst we weren’t looking, managed to touch her face whilst messing around and the proceeded to scream across the restaurant with sore eyes.

I will post more on activities to do at home with your toddler as I found myself not having much time for her when our second baby came along so would put together easy things to do with her for that one on one time whilst the baby napped. I will also post worksheets in the printable section which can be downloaded and easily printed off these are great for toddlers who have yet to start school but you would like to make a start on literacy and numeracy skills with them at home. Details of my go to activity pack will be listed soon too.

Thank you for reading and please keep posted for more arts and craft for kids


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