Motherhood Made Easy

I hate to say this but when my first child was born and although at times my anxiety got the better of me and I would cry erratically at times whenever I relieved the trauma I went through during childbirth which went on for several weeks after, I found motherhood overall quite exceptionally easy, looking after my newborn wasn’t as hard as I had heard about or read about. And this I mainly have to attribute to breastfeeding and having a newborn in routine from 6 weeks old and more importantly a very ‘hands on’ supportive husband.


Co sleeping was phased out and not an option and instead of having her sleep in our room, during the week I would sleep in her room to tend to night feeds and come Friday her father would take over with expressed milk for night feeds. This meant I got to have two nights of good kip and he had good sleep during the week to get him through work.


This also meant at six months the only adjustment needed was for me to move out of her room and not vice versa. Sleeping in her own space has created an independent little person who at two and half now is incredibly independent, loves to Socialise and easily adapts to new environments.


A solid routine has also created a stable sleep cycle for her internally. By no means was it easy to get the routine in place to begin with but having a relaxed attitude and a persistence to consistency everyday made the world of difference. I have Two words for every new mama wanting an easier life, Gina Ford. She isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea but my husband and I will always recommend and advise her methods to any new parents reaching out for advice, Gina Ford is highly misunderstood by many parents, but if you can grasp the science behind why she dictates as she does then it all just becomes common sense really. Too many mothers who attempt GF become frustrated with it. In the end feeling defeated and inadequate takes over and the attempt is lost before it has even started. Having three of my family members come from trained childcare backgrounds, any one of these professions will tell you babies who know what to expect throughout their day make more happier, healthier babies. I only managed to get through setting routines and the crying out phase by again having a supportive partner who took charge of each situation.


However, with all this being said, we are now due a second, having one newborn to contend with is one thing but two young children together? Of course we can plan to have the same routine and do exactly as we did with first, but things don’t always go to plan and not all babies are the same….Only time will tell what is waiting in store for us.

The book/the bible:

Source: Contented Baby :: For followers of the Gina Ford Contented Baby routines.


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