The Lobby Lounge at The Ritz | DUBAI

Whilst being serenaded by a live harpist we enjoyed a selection of delicate indulgent patisserie and well combined savoury treats. The savoury consisted of a cheese tart with a delicious hard crisp biscuit base, salmon mouse on a choux pastry bagel, beet with goat’s cheese and our favourite the chicken salad sandwich on rye bread, the sandwich was so good we asked for more.

We ended up arriving later in the day (around 4pm) the head waiter who was awfully kind and attentive refused to charge us for extra servings we requested.

We supped our splendid delights down with fresh pomegranate juice and Jasmine Pearl tea. The scones arrived warm and as a pair each, your everyday plain and a delicate pistachio one which was to die for. But we were very surprised at the very small serving of the scones. The cardamom flavoured macaroons, it was almost liquorice like with a hint of cinnamon I was the least impressed by. Three of the worst flavours to combine. Aside that there wasn’t much else to complain about.

The Lobby Lounge was very quiet when we arrived, the decor was fine florals, simple yet romantic and aside the giant chandeliers hanging off the ceiling it wasn’t as ornate as I was expecting it to be being the Ritz Dubai, which was actually quite refreshing.

A family friendly, relaxed place. I have yet to experience The Ritz in London but would love to compare.

COST: Start around £40 per head

LOCATION: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

DECOR: Simple but modern and elegant

REFILLS: At a small extra cost


On a side note we did take the kids with us (a three year old and a one year old) and we found everyone to be accommodating and the experience very family friendly.


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