They Said He Was Unelectable…

They said he would never make the ballot paper. He did.
They said he would never gain enough votes to become leader. He did.
They said he was unelectable and would never be victorious in a general election. Guess what? HE HAS.

Though Jeremy Corbyn may not have made it into Downing Street just yet, the achievements of Thursday are not to be ignored. Corbyn’s victory is on a monumental and revolutionary scale when you think that he literally stuck a proverbial two fingers up at the entire establishment, media and all the centrist backstabbers that were hell bent on tarring him. They insisted he was ‘unelectable’ and the man has defied it all on an epic scale, and he’s come out through the finishing line with the biggest political roar of our time, that has sent shivers down the spines of the weasels.

He was mocked and ridiculed, vilified and tarred at every opportunity by the not so strong and stable opposition, the media, the elite, and pretty much every scumbag out there who’s elitist lifestyle and ideologies were at risk of being decimated. For two years now, and more so during this campaign he was being attacked constantly and consistently, yet Jeremy continued to respond with smiles and continue with his job, and THAT is what won him the heart of the nation. Even those initially skeptical of him grew to love him for his fierceness and sheer relentlessness.

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election, something which at the time seemed like a golden ticket to her longevity as PM, couldn’t have backfired on her more even if she wanted. A campaign that she set out with every intention to win to gain a larger majority, and let’s be honest all the odds were in her favour, but who’d have thunk it, that the simpleton terrorist sympathiser from Islington, with not even an iota of electability within him would end up claiming many of those seats, leaving her with an ever smaller number of seats in parliament than when she started.

The conservatives may well be revelling in what they think is a victory, but we must keep reiterating that this was not a victory whatsoever. The tories did not win! No one did really as far as being elected as a PM is considered. They did not get re elected. May has been re appointed through a hung parliament. Massive difference. Not to mention, she has only managed to do this by getting into bed with one of the most regressive and most extreme political parties in the U.K. One that has links to terrorist groups. A party who heavily dislike women’s rights and are anti abortion. Theresa May’s smear campaign against JC throughout this entire campaign was that he was taking us back to 1970’s with his links to the IRA, but she’s just taken us back to 1870’s with this coalition of chaos.

She may feel like she has have won the battle through default, but the war against austerity and elitism continues. Mark my words, her time as PM is marked. The people have seen her for the shrivelled up coward that she is, who has absolutely no talent or zeal to lead this country. Her departure is imminent.

We have entered a new, a fresh, and an excitingly revolutionary kind of political era. The kind where the future of this country are taking the bull by its horn and saying ‘enough is enough’. We had an unprecedented turnout of youth come out to vote in recent history. A huge 72% of 18-24 year olds, compared to 43% back in 2015.

Real grassroots politics seemed a thing of distant memory for a long time. Corbyn’s campaign has resurrected and revitalised it, and it is now back as a political force to be reckoned with. Never have I had full faith in any leadership whilst casting my vote, in all of my voting years, as I did this election. Jeremy brings for me a beacon of hope for the future of our country, and it’s a feeling of hope excitement I pray that continues.

Lastly, this is huge proof that change like this on a large scale IS possible, but only through direct action and perseverance. There are many out there who will advocate abstention whilst sitting on their back sides and simply doing nothing because they feel ‘nothing will change anyway’. Change doesn’t occur overnight. It never has. Heck, you may never even see the change in your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you become defeatist and not try at all. Change happens in numbers and over time. The power of numbers, coupled with passion and determination should never be underestimated.

Say what they may; it may not exactly be Egypt scale, but we certainly have our own little modern day British revolution flying around in the air right now! And long may it continue.


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